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We can conversation with any themes. I can correct you if your Japanese is wrong and teach you new phrases. Let’s talk in Japanese you already learned.

$20.00/60 min


I teach Japanese, especially grammar. We can conversation face to face, and can send you some files, chat, and can share a monitor.

$35.00/60 min


I proofread spelling and grammar. When you want to write a message in Japanese to Japanese, I can help you. Any stuff is Okay like, for a letter for someone, a paper to study, just a journal and so on. We can share the document on google docs or something.

$70.00/60 min

What Our customers say

The experience I had with Tomoe Sensei was wonderful. I needed a tutor who can speak and understand English, since it was hard for me to communicate entirely in Japanese. After my brief stint of visiting japan, I’ve become more comfortable speaking, reading and writing Japanese. Its all because of her dedication to help others achieve success, and how she truly cares for her students. If not for her, I would not have been able to communicate with my friends, grandparents and relatives. I am truly blessed to have her as a mentor and as a person to instill confidence within me to say that I can accomplish the daunting task of learning Japanese.
The tutor is incredibly supportive and patient, I was amazed at how much I learned in short time. The way they use to teach is really effective and you enjoy learning and the fact that the tutor is a native is way better because you can also learn the pronunciation and a little about the culture. 🙂

Tomoe Sensei is a fantastic teacher and a great person. She pays a lot of attention to details, at the same time, she is very kind, patient, and understanding to my poor abilities. I started to learn Japanese from scratch, and I can say that I have never met such an amazing tutor and a good friend. I strongly recommend everyone, who wants to learn Japanese, to go in this language travel with her, as she is a really outstanding teacher, not just a Sensei, but a real Onsi. Thank you a lot for all your lessons and kind attitude.

Томоe – невероятный учитель и замечательный человек. Она уделяет много внимания деталям, но, в то же время, остается очень добрым, терпеливым и понимающим человеком, что особенно важно в свете моих весьма посредственных способностей. Я начал учить японский с нуля и могу сказать, что никогда еще не встречал такого чудесного преподавателя и друга. Очень рекомендую всем, кто хочет учить японский, отправиться в это путешествие с ней, поскольку она действительно выдающийся проводник, не просто Сенсей, а, пожалуй, Онси.
Спасибо Вам за Ваши уроки и Вашу доброту.


Tomoe is een uitstekende docent en mooi persoon. Ze besteedt heel veel aandacht aan detail, zeg maar, ze is maar Tomoe heeft tegelijkertijd een hele vriendelijke en warme houding, die heel belangrijk voor mij is, omdat ik niet vloeiend met talen ben. Ik starte japans vanaf nul en kan ik zeggen, ik heb nooit zo’n fantastische persoon en goede docent ontmoet. Ik adviseer sterk om contact op te nemen met haar en lessen te volgen.


Tomoe es una profesora fantástica y una persona muy simpática. Es perfeccionista, pero al mismo tiempo tiene actitud muy buena y paciente, que para mi es muy importante porque no es muy fácil aprender idiomas. Empece con japonés desde cero y creo que Tomoe es la mejor persona para aprender este idioma. Recomiendo mucho tomar clases con ella!


Tomoe人非常好,也是一个很棒的老师。 她非常注重细节,同时她对我的薄弱部分也很有耐心去纠正我和鼓励我。 我从零基础开始学习日语,我敢说Tomoe是我见过最棒的外语老师,同时也是我的好朋友。 我强力推荐给那些跟我一样零基础的日语学习者或者有一定基础的人!